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Welcome to the UK Fruit Machine Pages, the No1 fruit machine resource on the NET!

NEW for 2017!! iPhone and iPad Fruit Machine Games! Available Now!

Cash Attack!

Click image to download

These fantatsic fruit machine games are
available to download now on the
iPhone and iPad!

Based on low-tech UK style fruit machines,
they play just like the real thing!

They have nudges, holds, hold 3 times,
win after nudge and streak features built in!

Hours of fun without losing any real money.

Free to download, why not give them a try?
Cash Blaster!

Click Image to download

Click here to download Cash Attack!
Or search App Store for
"Cash Attack Fruit Machine"
Click here to download Cash Blaster!
Or search App Store for
"Cash Blaster Fruit Machine"


The Barcrest Section is being updated with guides to every machine made in the last year.

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